AMECYT (Artists from the Middle East Region Working in Children’s and Young People’s Theatre) was founded in 2008 in Eskisehir (Turkey) during the 3rd International Eskisehir Festival of Theater for Children and Young Audiences.


AMECYT is a network of exchange between Arab and Turkish artists working in children’s and young people’s theatre.


Members of AMECYT include Arab or Turkish artists from Middle Eastern countries that are both experienced and active in the domain of theatre for young audiences, and are constantly after high quality in creation.


Since its foundation, AMECYT constantly seeks to:

-Improve the quality of theatre for young audiences in the region

-Share experience and expertise among members through workshops and seminars

-Support and promote theatre for young audiences and be an example for other networks in the region

-Challenge the borders separating artists in the world

-Create opportunities for Arab and Turkish artists

-Use theatre for young audiences as a human rights advocacy tool

-Increase audiences for young people’s theatre in the Arab world and Turkey

-Strengthen the identity of artists and theatre for young people in the Arab world and Turkey 

-Bring people from the Middle East closer to each other through exchange visits and others


AMECYT is currently active in organizing workshops, festivals and projects, and is also involved in artistic co-productions, publications, etc.


-Khayal participated in the 3 AMECYT meetings that were organized in Eskisehir (March 2008 and February 2009) and in Amman (July 2009).

-The first artistic exchange organized within the framework of AMECYT took place in July 2009 and consisted of a regional tour for a children’s play from Turkey in Jordan, Syria and Lebanon through KHAYAL.