After a series of European projects, the French company Subito Presto (Trisunic association) sensed the need to open up to other associations from different countries and cultures and decided to found “Voyages du Geste”. Because artistic training has always been one of its main fields of intervention, Subito Presto primarily looked for partners with a training background.


“Voyages du Geste” is a Euro-Mediterranean network of cultural associations and artistic trainers that includes members from Belgium, France, Italy, Lebanon, Palestine and Portugal.

The members of the network engage in multilateral or bilateral projects revolving around different disciplines of the performing arts (music, puppets, movement, storytelling, etc.) in which trainers from partner organizations exchange experience, artistic practices and training methods.


Subito Presto - France

Kairos Dance ASBL - Belgium

Corai Association - Italy

Al Harah Theatre - Palestine

Propositario Azul Association - Portugal

KHAYAL Association - Lebanon


“Voyages du Geste” aims at building intercultural dialogue in the Mediterranean, based on an equal level of collaboration and exchange of knowledge between the involved parties in order to: 

-Facilitate the mobility of artists and art work in the Mediterranean 

-Customize new training methods based on the interaction between different trainers and their methods, and depending on the needs of each country


-Providing training for young artists from different disciplines of the performing arts and from different countries through meetings, seminars and residencies

-Organizing seminars for young artists around themes related to the work of the training artists (members of the network) 

-Organizing training workshops for different target groups (educators, teachers, therapists, etc.) that answer specific needs assessed by the partner artists in their respective countries 

-Supporting artistic co-productions between 2 or more partners, and facilitating the tour of these works in the different member countries

-Publishing documents related to pedagogical and artistic research conducted by members of the network



KHAYAL has engaged in different types of projects within “Voyages du Geste”, most notably by participating in all 5 editions of the “Voyages du Geste” residencies, be it through sending Lebanese participants or providing training capacities.

KHAYAL also participated in 2 bilateral projects with Subito Presto: “Paroles en Mouvement” and “Conte en Mouvement", related to artistic education in schools, in the form of exchanges between a Lebanese and a French school.

Lately KHAYAL staged a co-production with the Palestinian member Al Harah theatre under the title “I Have a Dream”.