The philosophy behind the creation of this network rests on the belief that all the different traditions of the puppet theatre in the Mediterranean speak a common artistic language in its popular forms related to the popular heritage of these countries. It is also linked to the principles of puppet art and its various techniques that have philosophical, symbolic and religious perspectives.


Shadows and Puppets of the Mediterranean is a network that gathers many renowned figures of the puppet theatre from the Mediterranean region.

Because the network is registered in France as a cultural association, it does not have the status of a professional active association but is acknowledged as a respected gathering of professionals who share the same interests and philosophy.


Karim Dakroub (Lebanon): Puppeteer, Director of the Lebanese Puppet Festival

Gengiz Ozek and G.Emrah Kolukisaoglu (Turkey): Puppeteers, Directors of the Puppet Festival of Istanbul 

Habiba Jendoubi (Tunisia): Puppeteer

Toni Rumbau (Spain): Puppeteer, Director of the “Festival d’Opéra de Poche” of Barcelona

Stephanie Lefort (France): Member of the company Zonzonz (Guignol of Lyon), Director of the Puppet Festival of Lyon "Harvest of April"


The main purpose of the Shadows and Puppets of the Mediterranean network is to celebrate the deep-running bonds between different cultures of the Mediterranean countries, based on the popular traditions of both the puppet and shadow theatres.


-Lebanon 2003 | “Shadows, Puppets, Tradition and Energy” Workshop: held in Beirut within the context of the First Mediterranean Puppet Festival which was organized by The Lebanese Puppet Theatre - KHAYAL.

-Turkey 2004 | Festival of Puppet Art of the Mediterranean: held in Istanbul and gathering participants from Turkey, Syria, Greece, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco, Italy, Spain, and France, Lebanon, Libya, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Albania, Malta, Cyprus, Monaco and Montenegro. 

-France 2006 | “Men and Shadows” Seminar: organized within the framework of the Lyon International Puppet Festival at the Lyon University and led by the members of the network. Participants included researchers, artists and specialists in shadow, lighting, popular theatre, psychology and philosophy who contributed to making the seminar a truly enriching intercultural experience.