In 2003, the ADCEI (Association pour le Développement Culturel Européen et International) had become isolated in its mission to support cultural projects in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (France) region through European institutions. After having conducted a search for partners on the national level that yielded no results, the ADCEI sought to enrich its portfolio through exchanging experience and practices with other structures and regions.

The ADCEI then founded the Euromedinculture network since most of its partners were located in the Euro-Mediterranean region and were constantly seeking to interact with each other to collaborate on cultural projects. The reason behind the Euromedinculture network was also to create a true human but equally economically viable and sustainable space necessary for the future of the region. 


Euromedinculture (EUROMEDiterranée INformation CULTURE) is a Euro-Mediterranean network of cultural cooperation between NGOs, regional and departmental institutions, as well as universities and research centers.

Euromedinculture addresses professionals in the field of culture afrom partner territories and, more broadly speaking, all Euro-Mediterranean decision-makers. Its ambition is to create a favorable environment for the emergence of cooperative cultural projects in the region. 


Euromedinculture includes members from about 20 different countries of the Euro-Mediterranean area.


Euromedinculture is engaged in 3 main ventures that are essential to the Euro-Mediterranean region’s future  in order to facilitate the involvement of professionals in the field of culture:

-Facilitate the creation of cooperative cultural projects in the Euro-Mediterranean region 

-Improve youth mobility 

-Develop  an action and reflection space for European and international bodies


In concrete terms, Euromedinculture seeks to develop the following actions which it has already set up: 

-Creating a meeting and partnership space for professionals in the field of culture in order to set up common and concrete cultural projects

-Running a youth mobility program for young professionals of cultural studies in the Euro-Mediterranean region

-Hosting a permanent forum for European and international institutions to engage in action and reflection concerning major Euro-Mediterranean issues


Since it joined Euromedinculture as a founding member, KHAYAL has participated in many of the network’s projects, general meetings and seminars, particularly engaging in activities related to youth mobility such as:

-Sending a Lebanese volunteer to the Conseil Regional Provences-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (France)

-Sending a Lebanese volunteer to Brouhaha International (UK) 

-Participating in a youth exchange program organized by the Fire Theatre Art Foundation (Bulgaria)