"Veiling-Unveiling" Lebanese phase takes off

20 participants from Germany and France from different backgrounds and ages joined 9 Lebanese participants at the Saifi Urban Gardens - Gemmayze (Beirut) for the one-week intercultural seminar: "Veiling-Unveiling" (17-24 March, 2012).

On Sunday the participants were introduced to the geo-political context of Lebanon by Karim (president of Khayal). In the evening it was the intercultural soirée: the Germans prepared some food (fish, cheese and chocolate), and sang a song, while the French offered everyone nice gifts (soap and lavender bags) in addition to the appetizers, and of course the lebanese mezze was present.

On Monday they went on their first discovery trip to different districts of Beirut then shared their first impressions. In the evening everybody went out for a nice cosy dinner in Monnot street. 

Thanks to the translators: Abdallah, Nadine, Grace, in addition to Petra and Anne (who are also members/coordinators of the German and French teams), everyone can communicate in his/her mother tongue.

On Tuesday morning they had an initiation to digital photography and image analysis with Gesa (Germany) and Nehmé (Lebanon) and were briefed about the type and forms of pictures they should take, then they went in groups to different areas of Beirut to take pictures. Some preferred to go as far as Jounieh! 

3 days left to go before the photography exhibition :)

photos by: Sarah Lecolle, Fida Hteit

Posted By: Rita Khawand
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