French book fair

Between the 29th of October and the 7th of November 2010, the 17th French Book Fair was welcomed in BIEL.  

No reason the book fair should be only for grown-ups. Children can create too ! They can write, they can draw, they can act, they can build a theatre performance from the beginning to the end by experiencing lights, sound, dance, puppets,… and above all, with the help of 14 artists, of teachers and of animators, they can make their own book-DVD telling everything about their unique experience.
20 children from the Lycée Abdel Kader invaded the AEFE stand during the fair, in order to present the conclusion of the 2 years creative exchange project they achieved with 22 french children. But above all, they came to sign their book-DVD, ‘’In the Land of the two Suns’’.  

And they were very busy! More than 80 books were sold and signed, thanks to Lucia Carbone’s communication skills to talk to every single passer-by (she’s been the coordinator for this project in France, as well as their choreographer for two years), thanks to the children’s celebrity (they have been performing their play 11 times at Lycée Abdel Kader) and thanks to their irresistible talent to speak about their creation to everyone they met in the fair. The french ambassador even made a visit during the inauguration, which was followed by the media.

Children and families were very proud to finally present their two years work conclusion. Presentations, photos, interviews and signatures made them feel very nostalgic about the big adventure they were able to experience, and some of us even heard the kids saying that they would definitely tell that unforgettable story to their children and grand children…

If you want to know about the unforgettable project, you can check the  article ''Tale in Motion'' in the folder ''Interventions in schools'' in ''Arts and learning'' and/or purchase the book-dvd here :

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