Launching Book-DVD "In the Land of the two Suns" (Tale in Motion)

A bilingual tale (Arabic and French) in a book beautifully written by children with their colourful illustrations and an accompanying DVD: this is ‘’In the Land of the Two Suns’’, the outcome of the artistic work done by 50 children over a period of two years, framed by the project ‘’Tale in Motion’’. This project was followed by children from Lebanon and France who wrote a story together, from which two theatre performances were born: a Lebanese one and a French one. During those two years the children were able to experience various artistic disciplines for the first time: dance, theatre, storytelling, illustration, puppetry, music, book editing, and video.

After performing 18 times in France and Lebanon, the Lebanese children attended the French Book Fair in Beirut – Lebanon (November 2010) to launch, promote and, above all, sign copies of their very successful book-DVD to visitors.

Being the result of a very accomplished creative experience, this high quality artistic achievement is a great educational tool recommended to teachers for use inside the classroom. It is available at KHAYAL upon request.

Order: or +961 1 391290


Details of the book

30,000 LBP or US$ 20

64 pages

15 cm x 24 cm

Bilingual French-Arabic

Contains a DVD


Project partners:

Association Trisunic / Cie Subito Presto, project leader in France

Association KHAYAL, project leader in Lebanon

Ecole d’application Saint-Jean, Avignon

Lycée Abdel Kader, Beirut


Published by:

Association Trisunic / Cie Subito Presto

rue des Gens, 84400 Rustrel

Conception and realisation: Laetitia Velay

Copyright October 2010

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