KHAYAL’s offices are located at the Sunflower Cultural Space in Beirut.

About the Sunflower Cultural Space

The Sunflower Cultural Space is a permanent art-performing center founded in 2004 by the SHAMS Cultural Cooperative Association for Youth in Theatre and Cinema.

A pine tree forest next to the Sunflower Cultural Space, has earned the region of Tayouneh a reputation for being the “lungs” of Beirut. In addition, the city’s memory is preserved in the nearby national museum. This location in the heart of Beirut at the crossroads between the densely populated areas with different religious and social identities, makes the work of the Sunflower Cultural Space accessible to a much wider audience outside other selective artistic centers.

The objectives of the Sunflower Cultural Space include:

- Providing young artists with modern professional and technical resources to encourage new productions

- Overcoming war’s social and confessional divisions through developing debates and exchanges

- Preserving local artistic creations and ensuring the continuity and accumulation of artistic knowledge

The Sunflower Cultural Space proposes a theatre with 320 seats, rehearsal studios and offices. An audiovisual studio, as well as a library and documentation center are also currently under study.

Address: Sunflower Cultural Space, Tayyouneh Roundabout, Sami El-Solh – Beirut, Lebanon. Tel:+961 (01) 381290